Monopoly Man

One neighbor, the one
with the in-ground pool
and white Porsche
in his garage, bought
his neighbor’s house
at auction, after
the widow died.

He gave it to his son
and daughter-in-law.
Their two little girls
now sell us lemonade
from concentrate and
drive their Power Wheels
around our cul de sac.

After the death
of the next neighbor
in line, he bought
that house, too, making
it three in a row. Or,
in Monopoly terms,
time to charge double

the rent and prepare
to build little green houses,
great red hotels. You trace
the consolidation of
genealogy and property,
refinance a loan from
Rich Uncle Pennybags.


Andrew Rihn
Andrew Rihn is the author of several slim volumes of poetry, including the forthcoming chapbook Foreclosure Dogs (New Sins/Winged City Press). He has spent a quarter-century living and working in Canton, OH.