a man waits for another man to admit he’s lonely

The man stood in a corner of the gas station next to the coolers. He looked at milk. He said he couldn’t remember if he was supposed to buy skim milk or 1%. He shook his head and said, “Oh well. Neither will improve my life.” Boots Walking in America watched the man pick out a half gallon of 1%. The man also picked up a moon pie on the way to the counter. He saw Boots Walking in America watching him. The man became self-conscious and said, “I feel sort of happy when I eat these.” Boots Walking in America nodded. The man began walking towards the counter, paused, turned around, and said, “Want one?” Boots Walking in America shrugged. The man picked up a second moon pie. He gave money to the woman at the register and then waved to Boots Walking in America to follow him outside. They stood on the curb unwrapping their moon pies. The man took a bite and then said, “I’m not sure what I am anymore.” He took another bite. Boots Walking in America took a bite. The man waited. Both men looked straight ahead, out into the traffic passing by. The man nodded and said, “Not quite sure I ever knew.” Boots Walking in America continued to eat his moon pie. The man took another bite and said, “I am having some struggles. This milk—” he holds up the container of 1% and continues, “—is going to a place I no longer love.” Boots Walking in America opened his mouth and filled it with more moon pie. He closed his mouth. The man said, “I sometimes wish I had someone else to talk to.” Boots Walking in America put a larger piece of the moon pie in his mouth. The man didn’t say anything for a little bit. The sun would not be setting for quite a while. It was probably too early to be eating moon pies. Boots Walking in America put the last of what he was eating in his mouth. The man said, “They sure do go quick.” He asked Boots Walking in America where he was headed. He shrugged and pointed. The man asked if he ever spoke. Boots Walking in America said, “In the morning I run from the sun, but then in the evening I chase it.”


Krammer Abrahams
Krammer Abrahams is like most humans. He is selfish. Once he a bag of candy and he sat in the corner and ate it all by himself.