Morning Scars

I am not a pin-cushion
for your fingernail love,
pricks of blood impressed
from skin to sheet
in lust-ridden discomfort.

Should I grit my protests
and murmur pleasure
while demurring murder?
The morning scars
lasted longer than your scent.


Colin Dardis
Born at the tail end of the seventies in Northern Ireland, Colin Dardis is a poet, artist, and sometimes musician. He is the editor of Speech Therapy, an online zine focusing on poetry from Ireland and beyond. His first collection, 'left of soul' is available via Colin's work has been previously published in 34th Parallel, Fire, Stimulus Respond, Fuselit, Decanto, Revival, Blazevox, Gutter Eloquence and elsewhere. His poem 'Perhaps', won the EditRed.Com 2006 Writer's Choice Award for Poetry. Check out Colin's website at: