For all the silent nights

For all the silent nights, uninterrupted
by the calls of abandoned lovers,
for all the dead air breathed
without a wave to crack its fragility,
for all the forgotten words
left to find their autumn,
for all the catalogued dreams
that will never know our touch,
for all the whispered prayers
trapped underneath the bed sheets,
for all the empty arms
falling asleep, unfulfilled,
you did not cry.


Colin Dardis
Born at the tail end of the seventies in Northern Ireland, Colin Dardis is a poet, artist, and sometimes musician. He is the editor of Speech Therapy, an online zine focusing on poetry from Ireland and beyond. His first collection, 'left of soul' is available via Colin's work has been previously published in 34th Parallel, Fire, Stimulus Respond, Fuselit, Decanto, Revival, Blazevox, Gutter Eloquence and elsewhere. His poem 'Perhaps', won the EditRed.Com 2006 Writer's Choice Award for Poetry. Check out Colin's website at: