Hell is rough on fish
I dive in the shallow end of the pool
Swim for my life in desperate attempt
To recover my eyes like out of my face fallen dice
Lungs clogged from oil spill refugee of the Ark
I fall in with a dark crowd, last of the species
Doomed from the get-go, peering up umbilical periscope
Eyeing a lure the sure shape of the sun
Rise through shadowy silence like a real fish
While carved from diamond the gleam of the hook entices
Is hard enough, and then you’re caught
Say you’re a fish.


Jay Passer
Jay Passer has had work appear in lit journals and such since 1988 and most recently online at sites including The Beat, Haggard & Halloo, ALBA, Unlikely Stories 2.0, 3:AM, etc. Passer has recently had an e-chap published by Ten Pages Press called My Life in the Works.